2019-2020 Mevlana Exchange Programme Results

2019-2020 Mevlana Exchange Programme Results
Dear Applicants,
We would like to inform the results of 2019-2020 Mevlana Exchange Programme. You may find the list below.

Incoming Student:2019-2020 Mevlana Exchange Programme Incoming Students- Gelen Öğrenci Sonuçları

For 2019-2020 year no academic staff applicant has been approved by Higher Education Council.

Thinks to Know About The Process (For Students)
1-You may change your semester by showing valid reason.

2-You may renounce from your Mevlana Exchange Programme entitle by notifying our Office.

3- If you want to stay in Ankara University student houses, please let us know which dormitories you want to stay.

4-Our students house are paid. Please check the dormitories fee list.

TR-2018-2019-Öğrenci Yurt Ücretleri
ENG-2018-2019 Academic Year Student House-Fee List
This list belongs to 2018-2019 academic year.It will be updated for every acacemic year.

5-Process starts with acceptance letter.When you get your letter you may complete the wanted documents before you arrive.

6-Before the Mobility, you need to sent documents below.

Transportation Ticket
Learning Agreement (signed by your home university)
Valid Insurance in Turkey (You may make the insurance at Ankara as well.)

7-During the Mobility Documents (for these documents you need to come our office)

Liability Agreement
Student Declaration
Pasaport Information and your visa photocopies

8- Departure Documents

Certificate of Attendance (for that document you need to come our office)
Transcript of Records
Final Report
Transportation Ticket

PS: You can find the colored documents on our website. (mevlana. ankara.edu.tr)
PS 2: We recommend that you have a copy of your invitation letter with you when it comes to any situation that may occur.

Payment for Students
For all incoming students monthly 1200 TRY will be paid.

As Mevlana Office, thanks for your concern to Ankara University.